Digital Workbook 03

$14 USD

A guided journal for the non-journaler, with a year’s worth of prompts designed into a digital workbook.

The Moon Lists method is for:

  • Breaking out of a creative rut
  • Thinking specifically rather than in vague broadstrokes
  • Updating stale self-narratives
  • Tracking progress
  • Questioning ways of being
  • Reshaping life more imaginative & interesting ways


  • 12 sets of undated monthly journaling prompts (one set for looking back each month)
  • 12 shorter, quick list-making exercises for thinking in new ways about the present

2 Files Included:

  • One in US letter that can be printed or edited/saved directly on desktop
  • A condensed, iPhone version with prompts lists only for using while traveling, in conversation, or pairing with a notebook of your choosing
  • Files and instructions for download are delivered via email